: This has been the most ridiculous tour to date! We <3 you! Thank you so much!!

they’ll kill us for the loving then they’ll burn us for the pain
but this is nothing worse than missing you in cold december rain
here i’m safe so keep my secrets not just for my foolish pride
and if they ever hurt you dear they’d better god damn hide

God Damn Song - JWH

@jacobhza: the way back




i just want to be back at this show

hamitlon show- feb 26th 

photo taken by me.


Your hot


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Look out London!! We’ll be in your neighborhood 28.05.2014! Hope you have your tickets! http://bit.ly/Hedley100club -TH


Hedley - Crazy For You (x)


I just wanna say, I met one of my favourite bands ever and they were the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. The meeting was really quick and rushed but they still took the time to have an introduction with us and give us all hugs. I thought I loved them a lot before, but now I know I truly love them, they are the most genuine dudes.